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One of the characteristics: It is made of welded steel fittings. The internal grains of the material are small and compact, which ensures the strength and rigidity of the wheel. Feature two: The plug-in lap interface form is adopted to ensure the coaxial and welding quality between the parts. Feature three: The use of Lincoln welding equipment ensures sufficient penetration and strong penetration of the welding parts; Lincoln welding wire and flux ensure the strength and good appearance of the weld. Feature four: The overall shot blasting treatment after welding is adopted, which not only removes the oxide scale on the surface but also eliminates the internal welding stress, and ensures the quality of the wheel. Feature 5: Electrophoresis primer and surface spray paint are used to make the wheels have both a beautiful appearance and long-lasting corrosion resistance, making the wheels last longer.

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Jiangxi Jiujiu Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006. It is a specialized wheel enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing and sales of wheels.

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